Who is Behind?

Anja Ankerstjerne is a freelance photographer based in Southampton, U.K.

Anja walked into the wonderful world of photography in 2004 when she was at an outside concert with Tim Christensen taking pictures with her first digital camera. In 2006 she bought her first DSLR camera and then things started to take place.

Anja has a great passion for music as well as photography which is why she doesn't miss out on opportunities to take pictures at concerts. She also loves travelling and the camera usually decides where to go.


My Specialties


I have a special passion for music and play several instruments myself.


Always been a sporty person myself and played lots of sports when I was younger, so the interest for sports and action just followed naturally.


I love the nature and will spend the rest of my life searching for the most stunning scenary.

Street Creds

GAFFA | Odense Sport & Event | OB | Synoptik | Skive Festival | Spoken Word Festivalen | Odense Kommune | H.C. Andersen Julemarked | Harry Potter Festivalen | Odense Centralbibliotek | Nordjyske | KommPress | DABUF | Danmarks Biblioteksforening | Max Sibbern A/S | Germina Termix A/S
GAFFA | En venlig hilsen | Danmarks Biblioteker | Vi Ses

My Services


I can be hired for all kinds of photography. Though my specialities are Music, Sports and Landscape.

Motion Video

I also have experience with filming and editing of videos and can be hired to do that as well.


I have lots of experience with retouching photos. I don't send any photos off without retouching them. It's part of the art.

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